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Electric Blankets

Homefront Electric Blankets - Excellent quality sleepElectric blankets are the perfect way to keep you warm and cosy for less. Costing an average of just 2p per night to run, they’re the ideal way to keep heating bills low whilst still beating the winter chill. Our Homefront ones are of luxurious quality and super easy to use – so whichever one you choose, we’re sure you’ll love how comfortable, cosy and soothing they can be! Here’s everything that you need to know about our Homefront electric blankets so that you know you’re purchasing one of the best electric blankets on the market!

Excellent Quality

Whether you’re wanting one of our super soft or fleece-lined blankets or even a luxurious throw - we’re sure the quality of each heated blanket is second to none. They’re designed to last and will see your through many autumn and winter nights, as well as being the perfect added extra to lazy stay-in-bed days for the ultimate cosy vibes!

Multiple Heat Settings

Looking for an electric blanket that will see you through every season? Ours all have multiple heat settings so that depending on the weather outside, you can adjust the blanket to keep you cosy and warm – no matter how cold the temperature may drop. This way, you have full control over your blanket or throw and you won’t have to rely on one temperature setting to keep you warm all-year-long!

Electric blankets - dual and single controlDual and Single Control

Whether you’re sharing your bed with a partner or you’re sleeping on your own – we have the perfect blanket for you! With a single controller, you can have full control over the whole blanket – ideal for those using an electric blanket all to themselves. However, if you’re going to be sharing the blanket, there’s nothing worse than having to decide which one of you gets to pick the heat setting. With our Homefront dual controls, you don’t have to! With a controller on either side of the blanket, both you and your partner can choose the heat setting that suits you the best!

The Perfect Fit

Our electric blankets are made to fit perfectly to your mattress. By using a deep elasticated skirt, our under-blankets attach to your mattress in the same way a fitted sheet would. As a result, you can be confident that your heated blanket will stay put whilst you sleep – perfect those who move a lot during their sleep! This also makes the blanket super comfortable to lay on, as it will stay smooth and super soft for you to drift off to sleep on top of.

Easy to Use

Homefront electric blankets - multiple heat settings All of our Homefront blankets are easy to attach to your mattress as well as having an easy to use controller. Whether you decide to opt for a simple slide button controller or a blanket that allows you to heat your body and feet separately using the controller's buttons – both are durably designed and super simple to use. This way, you can easily find your perfect temperature and snuggle down for that perfect night’s sleep.

Safe to Use

At Homefront, your safety is our main priority. That’s why all of our heated blankets, over-blankets and throws are designed with built-in safety features. These include both overheat protection and an automatic cut off feature so you can use your blanket (even whilst you sleep!) with complete peace of mind. To find out more about electric blanket safety, click here.

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