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Home Appliances

At Homefront, we want to make your life as easy as possible – especially when it comes to how your homelife runs! Our home appliances are designed to make little things such as laundry easier to manage, giving you more time to do the things you love!

Homefront home appliances - heated clothing rail Heated Clothes Rails

If you’re sick of having to hang your washing outside or around your home and you don’t want to splash out on expensive dryers – our heated clothes rails are for you!


Costing between 1-4p per hour to run (depending on which heated towel rail you opt for), our heated clothes rails are extremely cost-efficient! This way, you can let your clothes dry easily and without the hassle of hanging it outside, but without having to worry about expensive running costs either!

Fast Drying Power

Sick of checking on your clothes to find them still feeling damp? Then one of our Homefront heated towel rails is perfect! Designed to dry your clothes quickly, our heated towel rails will leave your clothes dry and fresh, without any damp or foist smells that other drying methods can cause.

Sturdy Design

Designed to last, both of our heated towel rails have a sturdy and robust design. This means that they’ll hold your clothes without fail and dry them quickly to give you freshly dried clothes in no time!

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