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Electric Throws and Heat Pads

Both our Homefront electric throws and heat pads are second to none. Our throws add a stylish touch to any living room or bedroom whilst providing a comforting warmth, whereas our heat pads are the perfect way to help reduce PMS cramps, sciatica pain and much more!

Electric throws and heat pads - Homefront Electric Throws and Heat Pads

Our electric throws and heat pads are the perfect way to keep cosy and warm on those cold winter nights, as well as being perfect to use to relieve pains and aches. Our throws are luxuriously soft and perfect for cold nights or evenings where you’re catching up on TV on the sofa! Our heat pads also provide comforting warmth but are designed to help ease aches and pains – particularly arthritis, sciatica, muscle strain and other injuries. Here’s everything that you need to know about our excellent throws and heat pads so that you know you’re buying the best products for the best prices online…

Electric Throws

They're the perfect way to keep cosy and warm whilst injecting some style and luxury to your living room or bedroom! Throws are super ‘in’ right now, and draped over your bed or sofa is sure to add those cosy and comforting vibes. Our Homefront throws do just this, whilst heating up to keep you warm all-year-round!

Electric throws and heat pads Luxuriously Soft

Looking for a throw that’s luxurious both in how it looks and how it feels? Look no further! Our Homefront heated throws are super soft to touch, so when you snuggle under them, you’ll be super cosy and comfortable. They’re also made from quality fabric so you know that they’ll stand the test of time and be with you for many years to come!

Easy to Use

Nobody wants an electric throw that’s confusing and time consuming to work. Our Homefront throws simply need to be plugged in and once you’ve picked the perfect heat setting for you – you’re all set for your cosy evening or night’s sleep.

Multiple Timer and Heat Settings

With multiple timer and heat settings, you’ll always be in full control over your Homefront throw. Choose between 9 heat and timer settings and you’ll be able to program the blanket to turn on and off whenever you wish and what temperature you’d like it to reach! This makes them the perfect blanket to sleep with, as you can set it to turn off once you’ve drifted into a deep sleep.

Homefront electric heat pads and throws Heat Pads

Our heat pads are all designed to give you pain relief and comfort. Whether you suffer from back, shoulder, neck, back or stomach pains – we have you covered!

The Power of Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is when you use heat to encourage oxygen and more blood to flow to a painful area. Once there, both the increased amount of oxygen and blood will help the pain to decrease with the muscles being encouraged to relax, as well as healing times being sped up. Therefore, they're perfect for PMS cramps, arthritis and sciatica pain.

Heated Cushions

For stomach, back, neck and shoulder pain – our heated cushions are also perfect to use to reduce pain. They’re luxuriously soft so when you use them, the painful area is sure to feel supported and comforted. You can choose between the regular or XL size – depending on the painful area that you have.

Multiple Heat Settings

All of our heat pads have multiple heat settings for you to choose from. This allows you to pick the setting that you want, depending on how much pain you’re feeling that day!

Electric throws and heated cushions Portable

If you suffer from pain during your working day, you can easily take one of our Homefront heat pads or cushions with you. Just plug them in and enjoy the soothing benefits at home, work or wherever you may be!

Safe to Use

Here at Homefront, we believe safety should come above everything else. That’s why our throws and heat pads have both a built-in overheat protection system and an automatic cut-off timer, so there’s no need to worry about them overheating during the day, or even whilst you’re asleep!


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